Saturday 21 June 2014

Goodbye Grade 7

Okay, okay I know I haven't updated my blog in like FOREVER. But it doesn't make me a bad person for not right?
I've been so caught up doing last minute work, saying goodbye to friends and pretty much wrapping up grade 7.
So to make up for it and on the note here is my blog post about grade 7
(credits to florence's blog :

Wow, I can now technically consider myself to be in grade 8 and soon enough, a high schooler. Wow.
This year has been one big trip. It's had it high's and low's, up's and down's and pro's and con's.

I have gotten super close to my class despite not being able to attend Sibu due to illness and I can't wait for next year. I am however a little bit worried (aren't we all) about my class next year I mean I really REALLY did like my class this year to be honest and I know  it is going to be hard to top it.
I felt normal in my class this year I felted like I fit in and like florence mentioned in her blog:
it is now going to take more time to get settled in to my new class especially after getting used to the on this year.

People I would like to thank:

1.) Friends: Thanks for being there and putting up with me because I know I can be pushy and annoying with my weirdness, so thank you x.

2.)My teachers: Thanks for helping learn and discover new things this year and helping me get over the wall.

3.) My mentor group: For always being there for me making me feel comfortable and normal.
Thanks 7LHA :)

4.) My parents: Thanks for helping and supporting me

All I can say now is thank you and see you next year in grade 8.

Monday 21 April 2014


I have noticed when reading different books that the same themes are usually the same weather it's love, family, friends etc etc. The same theme is conveyed again and again.

The things I wonder is why? why are they all the same isn't books suppose to be different?

well themes are ways of explaining things we don't get, a way of expressing an opinion through several interpretations.
I also think that the themes being conveyed and written about are used again because they are some of the most important ones, or the ones we will need the most.

I think themes are something we will keep loving and keep wondering more and more about.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Technology Taking Over My Life?

Okay, so there is no surprise that technology is a huge and I mean HUGE part of this generation. But is it slowly starting to take over or lives?

Technology is a great thing, an important thing, a huge thing. There are so many new things coming out from the iphone 5 to the iphone 5s & 5c.
But is it taking over our lifes slowly?

I know for a fact that it is slowly for me. Writing this blog has opened my eyes to the more exciting things that can be done without technology.
I realised that all the things I used to do is now being replaced with things like being on the laptop and video chatting with friends or even watching youtube. Obviously this is what we are going to be doing especially if everyone else is doing it too.
But imagine spending at a week not using your computer or any other gadget unless for homework plus maybe 30min of entertainment.
Would you get bored would you know what to do?

Friday 28 February 2014

Advertisement bad?

So I was on Youtube trying to listen to music because I just love jamming to my favourite tunes. When those ads come up.

I hate those ads especially the one's you can't skip so I just had to watch it. It was an advertisement for SKII.
The last thing the advertisement said was: "Now you know the secret to be beautiful."
That is when I started thinking.
Aren't we already beautiful why do we need to use your product to make us look beautiful don't we already look nice.

I realized that ads can be amazing to advertise their products but sometimes the slogans or messages aren't right and that they are just conveying the wrong message.

Most of the time the message it: You need to use this product to look beautiful or you need this to cover up.

Sometimes I feel ads have nailed it. But at other times I think there is something wrong.

Don't you agree?
What do you think about these ads?

You Have More Than One Side

Everyone has more than one side. There's that side you are when your with your friends compared to when your with your parents or teachers. There is also that side at home and at school.

Everyone's side can be very different and unique in their own way. Sometimes we act differently because of reasons like insecurities, fear, or just because that's the way we are naturally.

Sometimes you act differently that it makes you get mad at yourself for not showing what your capable off. Sometimes we have friends who are one person here and then the next minute there. Something completely different it is as if the person they were before didn't even exist and they were just toying with you.

I have some friends who are super nice when I'm alone with them and then when their with their friends completely ignore me as if I am just part of their shadow that is constantly trying to get their attention. In these situations I honestly don't know what to think of them.

Sometimes us, me, ourselves, we have sides too. I have a side with my friends that is way different to when I am with my parents.
My personality is also something that can change and reflect the type of person I am with whoever whenever.

The point is:

We all have more than one side and choose to express it with different people.
People need to either accept it or let it go...

Thursday 27 February 2014

20 random Facts about myself

1.  I don't have a favourite colour it is always changing

2. I have no pets

3. I have a little sister called maya

4. I love to listen to music in my free time

5. My favourite subject in school is drama or pe

6. I am still learing to cook

7. I love chocolate and desserts I have a sweet tooth

8. My friends think I am really funny

9. I love taking pictures of me and my friends and of nature and flowers

10. I always try to look on the bright side

11. I love to watch comedy movie

12. I am still trying to improve on my technique for tying shoe laces

13. If I had to choose something I really want to do I would choose yoga

14.  I am quite tall

15. I have HUGE feet(It is really hard to find shoes for myself)

16. I have a big imagination

17. I laugh a lot that sometimes I can't stop

18. I am very photogenic

19. I may love chocolate but I HATE CANDY

20. I hate being in the sun