Friday, 28 February 2014

Advertisement bad?

So I was on Youtube trying to listen to music because I just love jamming to my favourite tunes. When those ads come up.

I hate those ads especially the one's you can't skip so I just had to watch it. It was an advertisement for SKII.
The last thing the advertisement said was: "Now you know the secret to be beautiful."
That is when I started thinking.
Aren't we already beautiful why do we need to use your product to make us look beautiful don't we already look nice.

I realized that ads can be amazing to advertise their products but sometimes the slogans or messages aren't right and that they are just conveying the wrong message.

Most of the time the message it: You need to use this product to look beautiful or you need this to cover up.

Sometimes I feel ads have nailed it. But at other times I think there is something wrong.

Don't you agree?
What do you think about these ads?


  1. I totally agree with you! I guess they just say these because they want to make other girls feel ugly. But they all are wrong. Everyone is beautiful. Wether it is from the inside or the outside. just love who you are and always think you are beautiful

    1. Okay, first of all sorry for the late reply but omg yeah!
      I hate it, it makes girls feel insecure and now that i am thinking about this. This only happens to girls not as much to boys.

    2. You would be surprised how hard it is for boys too. There is an exception that boys are meant to be tough and handsome and never cry etc....The secret is to be able to move beyond gender and see ourselves as humans. Great topic.