Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Technology Taking Over My Life?

Okay, so there is no surprise that technology is a huge and I mean HUGE part of this generation. But is it slowly starting to take over or lives?

Technology is a great thing, an important thing, a huge thing. There are so many new things coming out from the iphone 5 to the iphone 5s & 5c.
But is it taking over our lifes slowly?

I know for a fact that it is slowly for me. Writing this blog has opened my eyes to the more exciting things that can be done without technology.
I realised that all the things I used to do is now being replaced with things like being on the laptop and video chatting with friends or even watching youtube. Obviously this is what we are going to be doing especially if everyone else is doing it too.
But imagine spending at a week not using your computer or any other gadget unless for homework plus maybe 30min of entertainment.
Would you get bored would you know what to do?


  1. Sounds like a challenge. Try it and tell us how it goes.

  2. Accept the challenge. Start with just one day, you don't have to start out with an entire week. Start with a day and see what you have an urge to go on and at what times. Are you checking social media and your phone because your bored or because you need to? How many times to you think about checking? The next day maybe check just once a day instead of 10 times a day. It's all about baby steps, but there are times that our world is so in tune with technology that we can't avoid certain technologies, if I couldn't use my cell phone, or email I would be lost because I need those items to communicate.